We are contemporary women’s costume brand. The company mission is to revive the traditional costume. Each of our products is made in collaboration with handcraft communities to make the traditional touch to the contemporary costume. Our collections influenced by the historical costume 15th to 19th century. We combine the classic design with contemporary fit, materials, and manufacturing. Our product is made with special care and quality to bring you the best experience.

Nowadays mainstreamed fashion gives so many choices of clothing that changes each season. We don’t have time to value them. Moreover, we don’t have time to realise what suits our body and personality. However, if we look at the past, we can see that each costume formed with proper care and quality. It was made with deep thoughts in design to create beautiful embellishments such as bobbin lace cuffs and collars or hand embroidering on the waistcoat. People appreciated their clothing and passed it from generation to generation. It lasted so long that even now we can look at the costumes from the 17th century.

Nonetheless, after the last decades of unconscious clothing consumption, we can combine experience from the past and make the best of it. Just by paying more attention to each piece of clothing that we buy and carefully take care of it to last longer. In this way, we wouldn’t just care about our clothing but also about environment and nature around us.

Everything that we see now manufactures cheap and easy elsewhere that means that we are losing the skills of good quality making garment. We are willing to make changes in manufacturing process. To bring back jobs to the people that were always making beautiful embellishment to the costume that is now withering away.

Each of the pieces that we make doesn’t change with seasons. We carefully select, test them and make lots of prototypes until we reach the successful product. These clothes don’t require particular style to wear them. You can combine them with different trends to fit your personality.

We hope our product would bring you the best experience and inspiration for your own style.