My name Tetiana, and I am the owner of the company. I always had a passion for clothing that has a soul. I studied Fashion Design in Ukraine. Then I moved to the UK to broaden my knowledge about the costume, and I studied Costume Design for Theatre and Film productions. During my studies at the university, l had experience in design аnd making of 18th and 19th сеntury wоmenswear. I had work experience at the Royal Ballet School, the Uniсоrn Theatre and Academy Costumes.
I fell in love with historical clothing and the heritage of the costume making. I did a lot of research on traditional dress and making process. I discovered that there are lots of small handcraft communities all over the world, but because of effortless clothes manufacturing these traditions are withering away. I am willing to revive the heritage of the costume making. I started on my own and invited people that interested to join my team and to grow the community.

Revival Costume Tradition is a luxury womenswear brand. The main aim of the brand is to merge traditional design and local craftsmanship in order to produce the collections.
Traditions are playing an essential role in everyday life, for instance, historical clothing represented in museums or through wares in movies or theatre productions. But we don’t see bobbin lace anymore or hand embroidering in our clothing. Although there are still handcraft communities all over the world, but because of easy clothes manufacturing these traditions are withering away.
The design vision for the brand is to incorporate traditional English patterns and styles with a modern twist. We aim to preserve the traditions of costume making and bring them to everyday life. We identified local communities that bring back old handcrafting skills in the UK such as knitting in Leicester or lace makers in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire and aim to produce locally.
Also, we care about the environment and aim to produce long-lasting clothing with the quality as in the past. We thought it would be amazing to make clothing that valuable to pass from generation to generation.
We have started to work on our first collection. It is a series of jackets which are influenced by the 17-century waistcoat that presented in archaic in V&A museum. We preserved 17-century flower pattern from the original piece and made it from the best silk yarn in the world. We are going to release our first jacket Classic 17thC in a small edition of 5 pieces.
Our jackets are going through the process of making with a care of professionals to bring you the best quality and uniqueness!!!

Follow us to see our new exciting collections that would include different craftsmanship such as bobbin lace, weaving, hand embroidering.